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No out-of-state campaign contributions.

No out-of-state campaign contributions.
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No out-of-state campaign contributions.
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Our campaign is 100% People Powered by ordinary Mainers. If elected, I will pursue a municipal clean elections program to get big money out of local politics.

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When the Portland City Council tried to close the India Street Clinic, which served over 230 patients with HIV and many in the LGBTQ community, Joey Brunelle helped lead the movement to save it.

He has been an advocate for affordable and workforce housing, renter protections, tax relief for seniors, increasing revenue without raising taxes, and government transparency.

We need new leadership that will be more responsive to the needs of all Portlanders—no matter their country of origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, or income. Joey Brunelle has the vision, ideas and skills to provide that leadership.

Pride Portland Parade 2017

Affordable Housing

Everyone who wants to live and work in Portland should be able to afford it, but too many young families, workers and artists are leaving because of our sky-high rents and home prices. Other cities have tried creative solutions to the affordability problem — with bold leadership and creative thinking, we can too.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are a heavy burden for many people, especially seniors. Our seniors should never be forced to choose between medicines or groceries and property taxes. We should find a way to leverage our luxury housing boom to help lighten the load of property taxes. I was the first candidate in 2017 to propose targeted tax relief for seniors.

Climate Change

Climate Change is the biggest issue that humanity has ever faced, and we must take it seriously. We are running out of time. We have to lead and take bold action to reduce our carbon footprints, to ensure that our grandchildren have a civilization to inherit.

Transportation & Mobility

Quality, accessible public transit is the key to a successful city.
In addition, we need to support alternative, green modes of transportation like bicycles and electric vehicles, as well as build and improve our regional rail connections to Lewiston, Brunswick, Boston and even Montréal.

21st Century Government

It's time that city government join us in the 21st century.
With my professional experience in print & digital communications, I want help the City of Portland communicate more effectively and make their work more accessible to normal Portlanders. For example, I have a weekly series on my blog where I make City Council agendas understandable, and I've created an online Open City Budget Tool to see where your tax dollars are being spent.

Civic Participation

The people who know best what a neighborhood needs are the people who live there. We need to adopt systems that let people be more directly involved in decision making. I would like to encourage greater collaboration with citizens using popular tools like Participatory Budgeting, and greater outreach to neighborhood organizations and issue-oriented citizens groups.

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