60+ Endorsements

Maine People's Alliance

Maine People's Alliance

Grass-roots organizing for working Mainers since 1984.

Southern Maine Labor Council

Southern Maine Labor Council

The Southern Maine Council of the AFL-CIO, dedicated to representing the interests of working people.

Rep. Mike Sylvester

Rep. Mike Sylvester

House District 39 — Munjoy Hill & The Islands

Anna Kellar

Anna Kellar

Portland Community Organizer

Ian Jacob

Ian Jacob

Fmr. President, West End Neighborhood Association

Rosanne Graef

Rosanne Graef

Fmr. President, West End Neighborhood Association

Jay York

Arts/Music Patron & Portland Resident — Bayside

Tony Donovan

Rail Transit Advocate

Zack Barowitz

Portland Resident — Libbytown

Sally Trice

Portland Resident — Nason's Corner

Alex Steed

Local Business Owner — Knack Factory

Bill Linnell

Fmr. President, Stroudwater Village Association

Cynthia Handlen

Portland Resident — Stroudwater

Andrew Zarro

Fmr. President, Back Cove Neighborhood Association

Liz Trice

Local Business Owner — Peloton Labs

David Silk

Portland Resident — Stroudwater

Brian Townsend

Director, Amistad Peer Support & Recovery Center

Teddy Burrage

Community Organizer & Activist

Jenson Steel

India Street Clinic Advocate
Chair, Patient Advocacy Committee

Donna Ekart and Florence Edwards, DDS

Portland Residents - Rosemont

Tom & Ellen Sidar

Portland Residents - Bradley Street

Seth Berner

Local Organizer, Bernie Sanders Delegate

Markos Miller

Local Business Owner — Ten Ten Pie

Jacob Krueger Karu

Local Business Owner — Mercury Inn

Emma Burnett

Civic Technologist

David Timm

India Street Clinic Advocate

Sharoan Cohen

Portland Resident - Peaks Island

Dave Aceto

Local Business Owner — Arcadia National Bar

Rosemarie De Angelis

Former Town Councilor — South Portland

Andy Jones

Town Councilor — Falmouth

Shannen McCartney

Local Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffer

Daniel Sipe

Dave Foster

Portland Resident — Oakdale

Stephanie & Justin Walsh

Portland Residents - Stroudwater

Lawson Condrey

Nicole Anderson

Damon Yakovleff

Karine Odlin

Quinn Gormley

Cat Bates

Beth Duddy

Liz McMahon

Belinda McClelland Cummings

Jeremy Claywell

Joe Pinto

Krista Donoghue

Greg Gould

Jason Stein

Alex Lehnen

Jon Damon

Nick Kaufmann

Bob Maheu

Salli Wason

Chris Hafford

Rob Korobkin

Chris Schorr

Kristen & Kurt Baker

Mikayla Damon

Katherine Vo-Dinh

James Dillon

Mike Desjardins

Rich Champagne

Crow Norlander

Mary Burns

Luette Saul

Clifford Tremblay

Hans Breaux

Jaigene Kang

Kyle Patnaude

Haley Malm

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