Open City Budget

Easily find out where your tax dollars are going.

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Screenshot of the Open City Budget tool

Open government is good government.

City Government doesn't make it easy to find out where your tax dollars go. You have to either spend a lot of time in City Council meetings, or sift through hundreds of pages of financial documents online that aren't meant to be readable by normal people. But this data should be easily accessible and easily understandable.

That's why I teamed up with Portland residents Rob Korobkin, Michael Lacourse, and Cat Bates to create this Open City Budget Tool. You can not only find out where most of the City's money goes, but you can see how it compares to the previous three years. You can also see how much of your property tax bill goes to each part of the budget.

Explore the Open City Budget Tool »

This is the kind of government transparency we need, and the kind of civic innovation I will advocate for on the Portland City Council.

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